Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of October 31st

1. Watch this video about series and parallel circuits.

2. Watch this study jams on current electricity and electric currents and take the quiz at the end until you do not miss more than one.

Once you have not missed more than 1, put your answers here.

3. Play division demolition for at least 15 minutes. Set your timer.

4. How to write a friendly letter, practice here.

5. See if this gives you any ideas for your house.

If finished with everything above:

  • Typing Club
  • Digital Passport
  • Epic
  • Go to Google Classroom, Content Cyber Kids and check out our Mystery Skype Data, look at our map, open jobs and see our questions and answers, learn more about one of the schools or one of the states, make a google slide abou it!

  • Find something you are interested in on Brainpop, watch the video and make a google slides about what you learned. Share it with me when you are done.
  • IXL-Math on Lab Lessons
  • IXL Language Arts on Lab Lessons
  • Read a Book
  • Read a book on Razz Kids and take a quiz
  • BookFlix
  • TrueFlix

IXL Math

A.5Prime and composite numbers
D.2Multiplication facts up to 12: find the missing factor
D.3Choose the multiples of a given number up to 12
D.4Identify factors
D.20Choose numbers with a particular product
D.28Inequalities with multiplication
H.2Complete a table for a two-variable relationship
  1. L.1Find the next shape in a repeating pattern
  2. reportL.2Complete a repeating pattern
  3. reportL.3Make a repeating pattern

  4.     IXL Language Arts