Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday Week of August 29

X8 and x9 Take  each quiz, screenshot your results
Types of Sentences No more than 6 wrong or 70%

a. Join our Quizlet Class

b. We have joined a new web site! It's called Pebble go. To explore it go to www.pebblego.com Your username is avl and your password is also avl. I added it to the login info sheet I emailed you!!

1. Sentence or Fragment

2. Which is NOT a fragment

3. Sentence or Fragment Quiz

4. Sentence or Fragment Game

5. Spot the Sentence

6. Finish watching these videos on staying safe on the internet. Send me the quizzes for each one.
Watch these videos on how to be safe and polite online! Take the classic quiz and email to me at tconstantine@hoover.k12.al.us

Digital Etiquette

Online Safety


7. Complete this form on digital etiquette and chrome books.

IXL Math
J.1Read a table
J.2Interpret line graphs
J.3Create line graphs
J.4Interpret bar graphs
J.5Create bar graphs
J.6Interpret line plots
J.7Create line plots
  1. reportA.1Place values
  2. reportA.2Convert between place values
  3. reportA.3Word names for numbers
  4. B.6Addition patterns over increasing place values
  5. reportB.7Choose numbers with a particular sum
  6. D.2Multiplication facts up to 12: find the missing factor
  7. D.28Inequalities with multiplication
  8. H.1Input/output tables with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  9. D.9Properties of multiplication