Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 31

Play these decimal games, you must get them all right before you go on!

1. Decimals-match tenths-play 2 rounds

2. Decimals - match hundredths-play 2 rounds

3. Compare decimals-play 3 rounds, choose you're level.

4. Compare more decimals-Play 2 rounds

5. Order decimals from smallest to largest, play 2 rounds.

6. What's the place value?-Play 2 rounds

7. Order again from smallest to largest, play until you get it correct on the first try.

Friday, March 14, 2014

March 17

1. Play Find Grampy until you have a score of 10 (hint-think of a number line!!)

2. Find 13 ways to make a half! Do not go on until you show me that you have made ALL 13 ways!!

3. Find equivalent fractions, play until you get to level 10!

4. Make cookies for Grampy, see if you can enter in the last piece instead of dragging it!!

5. You work in an ice cream shop! Do a good job serving your customers, you are done when you have served 5 customers correctly!

6. Share cookies with your friends. Play 5 rounds.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 11

Put your question for Brocks Gap here:

March 10

If you are not finished with fraction sites from last week, do that first.

Then do these:

Add Fractions Play till you get them all right!
FractONE Add fractions to make 1   ( 5 minutes )
Subtract Fractions Play till you get them all right! 
Fraction Splat Adding and Subtracting  ( 5 minutes )
Fraction Word Problems Do you add or subtract? ( 5 minutes )
Compare Fractions Play till you get them all right!  
Compare Fractions <,>,= Can you get 6 correct?
Make Mixed Numbers  ( 5 minutes )

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3

1. If you did not take and log the brain test last week, scroll down and do that first.

2. Log in to google, start a new document, share it with me, and title it your name AND the name of your wax museum person. Type your speech and add a picture of your person at the bottom. Spelling, punctuation, capitals etc will ALL count.

3. Work on fractions on these sites.

4. If you get done with everything, go to last weeks post and play some Dr. Seuss games or watch some Dr. Seuss books being read!