Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alabama History

Find these sections that we just read together in your Alabama History Book Chapter 4 and answer the questions on this form. Use complete, well written sentences.

1. Yeoman Farmers and Planters

2. Africans in Alabama

3. Transportation and Industry in Alabama

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week of January 20th

1. First of all, notice that the pages links moved to right of the blog.
2. We have just started learning about slavery in our country, click here and follow the directions!
3. IXL P27, P28
4. Use these pattern blocks and make a symmetrical picture, show me when you are done. If we are in the computer lab, you can print is AFTER you show me.
5. Play Fraction Shoot, start with the game on the left and play each till you get them all right!
6. Work on your persuasive essay.
7. Superhero

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week of January 12

1. This week's weekend journal (January 12)

2. Geometry Power Point

3. IXL P15, P16, P17...Then on level E do R22

4. For the 100th day of school, thought it would be fun for our book buddies to see how we will look when we are 100 years old..SO.... Get my ipad behind my desk on the top shelf. The log in is 2421. Open the agin app, make yourself old, and email it to your address. Make sure you put the ipad BACK WHERE YOU GOT IT. The next time we are in the computer lab. We will print them out and hang them up!!!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Geometry Presentation

Geometry Scavenger Hunt

You are on a scavenger hunt looking for Geometry in the REAL world.. At the conclusion of your search, you will present your findings in the form of a power point presentation. You can get pictures from Google by searching things like “hexagon shape in the real world FOR KIDS”
  • Only one geometry object per slide.
  • Title your presentation with your name, geometry, and put it in your folder called Geometry
  •  Objects must be appropriately LABELED! (Title at the top)
  • Include the mathematical definition of each object on your slide.
  • Don’t forget a cover slide with a title for the whole presentation and your name. Once complete, you should have 16 slides.
  • Each image captured may be used only ONCE. For example, if use a picture of something that represents a square, you cannot use it again to represent a quadrilateral. You must find a second image. If you see something in our classroom that would work, you can take a picture using your laptop.
  • Both partners must participate in the hunt and presentation. This is a team effort!

What to Collect:
You must have 16 items from this list:
|| Circle
QuadrilateralParallel LinesIntersecting Lines
Equilateral TriangleParallelogramPolygon
Line SegmentVerticesRight Angle
Obtuse AngleAcute AngleRectangular Prism
PentagonHexagonHeptagon or Septagon

How Will You Be Graded?
|| Criteria
Fifteen objects from the list are captured60
Each object is accurately labeled10
Each object includes a mathematical definition10
Presentation includes a cover slide5
Presentation is organized in alphabetical order5
Presentation is free from spelling and grammatical errors10
Total Points/100

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week of January 5

1. Go to IXL on the link to the right, log in. Go to level F and do, P 3, P 13, P 19, P 20, P 28, P 29, P 30