Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 Data Collection Project directions

1. Type your jokes and answers, and your book buddies jokes and answers on a Microsoft Word document. Make sure you put your name and your book buddies name at the top of the page, remember, no last names. Add one clip art picture. Save in your "My Work" Folder. Then print your page and bring it to me.

2. Go to Edmodo click on Social Science Cyber Kids, then click on "Our Polls and Surveys". Make your vote on the poll!  If you are in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Club, come get the Edmodo code for the group from me!!

3. Take your multiplication quiz for April, make sure and type your name and turn in to me.

4. Click on Scholastic Student on your desktop, then go to Fast Math and log in. Follow the directions.

5. Make a blog post about your favorite thing that you did for Spring Break.

When you are done with everything above, play a decimal game:

Decimal Tenths
Decimal Hundredths
Add and Subtract Decimals
Place Value
Compare Fractions and Decimals
Decimal Games
Decimal Squares Games

When you have played all of the decimal games once, have fun on an Easter Site:
Easter Egg Hunt
Play an Easter Game