Go to the Stars!

If you do not have internet access at home, then the first thing you need to do is complete any online homework for this week on pearsonspelling city, or edmodo.  And finish anything on this week's lab lessons you did not get finished with.


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Math Games 1

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Math Lines (10's)
Give the Dog a bone (hundreds chart)
Hundreds Chart Game 1
Hundreds Chart Game 2
Mend the Hundreds Chart
Alien Addition
Splat Square Skip count by a given number
Illumination 10 Frame
Snakes and Ladders
Cool Math Games
Money Fill the Piggy Bank

      1. National Geographic
       2.  Anything on or favorites about animalsclassifying animals, landforms, electricity,solar system/space, light and sound, or force and motion.

      3   Go to Scholastic News Interactive  magic word is green
            4 Virtual Surgery
       4  Name the Bones in your Body
       5  Your Gross Cool Body
        6  30 Things