Monday, January 30, 2012


1. Take your multiplication quiz, don't forget to type your name in and click start. When you are done, print it out and hand it to me. Click here to start.

2. Click on Scholastic Math on the Desktop of your Computer, click on the green fast math square, log in with your Scholastic username and password.

3. Do your assignments on Spelling City

4. Do 2 of these fraction games each Monday:
Make Pizzas!
Crossing The River

Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Monkeys(on a numberline)

Partner Game Using Fraction Rods
Kids and Cookies

Equivalent Fractions Game
13 Ways at Looking at Half

3. Watch Birmingham Bill the Groundhog's prediction from last year.

4. Watch Punxsutawney Phil make his prediction in Pennsylvania!

5. See if you know your parts of speech, play Word Invasion!

When you are done with everything above each week, then you can do any of these!

Play connect four. (When you are at home, you can play with a parther.)

Play Magic Pen, click on the ? for directions.

Practice your division and multiplication!

Play Count the Cubes

Play Building Blocks

Play Word Frog, play 3 times once for antonyms, once for synonyms and once for homonyms.

Create a Car!

Play a Chinese New Year Game

Play a Super Kids Game

Watch a video about a Deborah Samson a famous soldier in the American Revolution