Monday, April 30, 2012


1. If you did not finish your assignments for unit 14 last week do that first.

2. Go here and follow directions below:


You are on a scavenger hunt looking for Geometry at SSC. You will complete this project with a partner. Open a new tab,  Go to the web site above, and add photos according to the directions above to your Power Point. At the conclusion of your search, you will present your findings in the form of a power point presentation. SAVE YOU POWER POINT in the p drive>constantine>constantinestudentfolders>1 geometry powerpoints  THE file name should be your names.


• Only one geometry object per slide.

• Objects must be appropriately LABELED!

• Include the mathematical definition of each object on your slide.

• Don’t forget a cover slide with team members’ names. Once complete, you should have seven slides.

• Each image captured may be used only ONCE. For example, if you take a picture of something that represents a square, you cannot use it again to represent a quadrilateral. You must find a second image.

• Both partners must participate in the hunt and presentation. This is a team effort!

What to Collect:

You must have SIX items from this list:

Circle Square Rectangle

Trapezoid Hexagon Octagon

Quadrilateral Parallel Lines Intersecting Lines

Rhombus Pentagon Triangle

How Will You Be Graded?

Criteria Points

Six objects from the list are captured 12

Each object is accurately labeled 6

Each object includes a mathematical definition 6

Presentation includes a cover slide 2

Presentation is organized 2

Presentation is free from spelling and grammatical errors 2

Total Points /30

When you are done with everything!

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