• Read and listen to one book on Razz Kids then PASS the quiz.
  • Go on Reading Rewards, look at what your friends have been reading, read their reviews. If a book looks good, add it to your "Books I want to Read" list.
  • RAT-Read Anything Time-Does not have to be a "just right book."
  • Check out some online reading! Remember, only reading, no games, videos or apps!

  • Post a weekend journal, class weekly happening, or a writing prompt from Daily 5 that you have finished AND edited on your blog! Re-read 3 times before you post! 
  • Read other blog posts from our class. Make 3, good, respectful comments.
  • Want to meet someone around the world, click here and find another 4th grader's blog to comment on!!

  • Go to Time for Kids. Choose an article that looks interesting to you. Make a Copy of the My Article Template in Google Drive, Title it Document, Write in your title on the page and paste the link to your article. Read all of it! Write a summary. Include 1. A GOOD summary of the article. 2. The most interesting thing you learned. 3. Anything we should NOT miss, like a cool video.
  • Add the link to your article to Google Classroom in your Content group and type a quick review of at least 2 sentences. 
  • If you get finished with the above, you can browse what articles your friends have read and posted in Google Classroom.
  •  Finish anything on Lab Lessons that you are not done with from this week.
  • Watch a Brainpop about something you are interested in and make a Google Slide to teach someone else about what you learned. Remember to include an intro slide and titles on each of the other slides.

If you are finished with the above:

 2. You can have free time on Beach Time or Star Time on Lab Lessons OR learn some Spanish here!!