Go to the Beach!

1. If you do not have internet access at home, then the first thing you need to do is complete any online homework for this week on pearson, spelling city, or edmodo.

2. If you did not get all of your work done on lab lessons in the computer lab, finish that now.

Free Time: You are finished with everything above!

If you get finished with work early, then you can go to a subject below, make sure it's the same subject that we are doing in class when you get done early.

August September October-A
November December January-AB
February March April-ABC
May-A B C D

KB Konnected

Spelling/Language Arts/Morning Work:
     1abcd. Word Work
     2ab. Antonyms and Synonyms
      3abcd Adjectives and Adverbs
     4ab. Mab Libs
      5abc Noun or Verb
     6ab. Coconut Spelling
      7bc. Click here to donate food AND learn vocabulary!
      8 bcd Practice your homophones!
Practice homophones Set 2
Practice homophones Set 3
Practice homophones Set 4
Practice homophones Set 5

       9 bcd  Word Games
       10 bcd  Furious Frogs (Synonyms, antonyms, homophones)
       11 bcd abc Order 1
                 abc order 2

      12. abcd Go to School Tube , search and watch a video about nouns, verbs, adjectives, or adverbs School House Rock and Grammar Rock videos are good.

     1abcd. Storyline online
     2abcd. Magic School Bus
     3abcd. TumbleBooks (User name - sshades; password - books)
     4abcd. Bookflix (User name - HooverCity; password - bookflix)
     5abcd. Giggle Poetry
     6abcd. Book Trivia questions
     7a. Magic Tree House
     8a. Seussville
       9 abcd Starfall Reading
     1abcd. Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, save in your MY WORK folder
      2 abcd Practice using capital letters
     3abcd. Author pages
              Chris Van Allsburg
              Dav Pilkey
              Jack Prelutsky
              Beverly Cleary
              J. K. Rowling
              Andrew Clements
              Jerry Spinelli
              Kevin Henkes
              Mem Fox
              Roald Dahl
              Robert Munsch
              Shel Silverstein
              Tedd Arnold

     4abcd. Practice your typing

     5bcd. Writing Fun
      6bcd. Story Jumper

     1ab. Da Numba
     2a. Hundreds Chart Give the Dog a Bone game
     3ab. Guess My Number
     4ab. Alien Addition
     5a. Counting coins
     6ab. Math Funbrain
     7ab. Subtraction arcade game
     8ab. Counting coins 2
     9ab. Bingo
    10ab. Ten frame
    11b. Connect the Dots - Count by 2s
    12b. Connect the Dots - Count by 3s

      1.abcd National Geographic
       2.abcd  Anything on or favorites about animals, classifying animals, landforms, electricity,solar system/space, light and sound, or force and motion.

      3 abcd  Go to Scholastic News Interactive  magic word is green
            4b abcd Virtual Surgery
       4 b Name the Bones in your Body
       5 b Your Gross Cool Body
        6 abcd 30 Things