Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 24th

1. The colonists wanted to make sure that the Constitution protected the people!! They did this by including the first 10 Amendments aka THE BILL OF RIGHTS. We are going to make a class Power Point and we will share it together in class when everyone is done with their slide. Click on this link, and follow the directions carefully to make your slide and insert it into the class Power Point. Have fun!

2. If you get finished do this!!

Many people use one side of their brain more that the other, wee which side you use more, or which side is dominant:

Open this form and follow the directions:

Click here and see which of your friends use more of the same side of the brain than you do.

3. If you are finished with EVERYTHING above, you can check out some Dr. Seuss links!! Dr. Seuss day is March 2nd!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 17

1. Follow these instructions

2. We were off last Monday for e-day and President's Day, watch this video about President's Day

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 10th

                      Olympic Challenge!

Math- Go to click GAMES, and do each of the following activities for 10 Minutes, Keep track of time on your computer!!  (If it's too easy try a harder level, if it's too hard ask for help.)

1. Play Expresso, 4 numbers, +, -, X, /

2. Play Missing / Combo

3. Play Break Apart / Partials

4. Play Break Apart / Quotative

5. Play Expresso  +, -, X, /

6. Play Break Apart - Partial Difference (hard level)

7. Play Kakooma Times 6-Number (hard level)

8. Read and Practice Math Potatoes

9. Play Break Apart Partitive.

10. Play Satis Fraction Identify (easy level)