Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week of April 4th

1. Take our end of the year technology survey, remember to read each question carefully and DON'T just guess, let me know if you are unsure about any of the questions.

2. Work on these decimal activities

3. We have been talking about the Revolution in the United States, watch some Liberty Kids to learn more about the Revolution! Start with number 1 and go in order!!

4. Aspire Practice

5. Brett's Decimal Practice

IXL Math

  1. D.10Distributive property: find the missing factor
  2.  reportD.11Multiply using the distributive property
  3. D.14Estimate products: word problems
  4. D.19Multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number: word problems
  5. D.23Multiply a 2-digit number by a larger number: word problems
  6. E.9Divide larger numbers by 1-digit numbers: word problems
  7. E.19Divide numbers ending in zeroes by multi-digit numbers: word problems
  8. E.24Divide larger numbers by 2-digit numbers: word problems
  9. F.2Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division word problems
  10. M.8Price lists with multiplication
  11. N.14Compare customary units by multiplying
  12. N.17Convert between metric and customary units
  13. O.1Convert time units
  14.  reportO.2Add and subtract mixed time units
  15.  reportO.3Fractions of time units
  16.  reportO.4Time zones
  17.  reportO.5Elapsed time
  18. O.8Transportation schedules
  19.  reportO.9Time patterns
  20. A.6Rounding
  21. D.27Multiply three or more numbers: word problems
  22. E.7Divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers: interpret remainders
  23. K.1Find two numbers based on sum and difference
  24. B.2Add numbers up to millions: word problems
  25. N.2Which customary unit is appropriate?
  26.  reportN.3Compare and convert customary units of length
  27.  reportN.4Compare and convert customary units of weight
  28.  reportN.5Compare and convert customary units of volume
  29.  reportN.6Compare and convert customary units
  30.  reportN.7Conversion tables - customary units
  31.  reportN.8Which metric unit is appropriate?
  32.  reportN.9Compare and convert metric units of length
  33.  reportN.10Compare and convert metric units of weight
  34. Language Arts
  35. Subject and predicate

    1.  reportC.1Identify the complete subject of a sentence
    2.  reportC.2Identify the complete predicate of a sentence
    3. Nouns

      1.  reportE.1Which word is a noun?
      2.  reportE.2Identify nouns
      3.  reportE.3Identify common and proper nouns
      4. Personal pronouns

        1.  reportT.1Identify pronouns
        2.  reportT.2Choose between subject and object pronouns
        3. Action verbs

          1.  reportI.1Use action verbs
          2.  reportI.2Identify action verbs
          3. Subject-verb agreement

            1.  reportJ.1Is the subject singular or plural?
            2.  reportJ.2Use the correct subject or verb
            3.  reportJ.3Pronoun-verb agreement
            4.  reportJ.4Use the correct subject or verb – with compound subjects