Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reviewing for Aspire

1. Friday we will use cootie catchers to review for reading.

2. Monday we will review for Math do spelling city math words and on Google Classroom-Math Skills Practice.

3. Tuesday-First do the End of Year Review on No Red Ink. Then more review for Language Arts by going to the April 4th post on Lab Lessons, scroll down to language arts IXL and practice!!

4. Wednesday we will practice for science Aspire by logging in to a new account on IXL and practicing these science skills, I have emailed you your username and password, then go to this link, not the regular one!! Then click on the links below.


L.3Inherited and acquired traits: use evidence to support a statement
  1. L.5Read an animal pedigree chart
  2.  reportL.6Read a plant pedigree chart
  3. I.2Compare and contrast animal life cycl

  4. States of Matter
  5. B.2Change-of-state diagrams
WWeather and Climate
  1. Q.3Collect and graph temperature data
  2. Q.5Weather and climate: interpret text
  3.  reportQ.6Weather and climate: cite evidence
  4.  reportQ.7Use climate data to make predictions
  5.  reportQ.8Use data to describe climates
  6. Plants
  7. J.4Identify flower parts and their functions
  8.  reportJ.5Describe and construct flowering plant life cycles
  9. Force

    1.  reportF.1Identify directions of forces
    2.  reportF.2Force, mass, and motion
    3. Classifying Animals
    4. G.4Use evidence to classify mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles
    5.  reportG.5Use evidence to classify animals

    6. Cells
    7. M.3Identify functions of plant cell parts
    8.  reportM.4Identify functions of animal cell parts
    9.  reportM.5Compare plant and animal cells
    10.  reportM.6Cell parts: true or false