Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week of November 9th


Take this quiz on 2D Shapes. When done click the envelope to email it to me. Put in the "to" rectangle and put your email address in the from rectangle. And put "from your name" in the message space. Score 80 or better before you email it to me.

If you have not shown me your angle measurement, do it and show me.

1. Estimate the measurement of these angles!

2. Try different geometry games on this link, if it's something you don't know that you want to learn about SCROLL DOWN and watch a video about it!

IXL Math Measurement

  N.1Measure using an inch ruler

N.3Compare and convert customary units of length

N.7Conversion tables - customary units

N.14Compare customary units by multiplying


P.24Compare area and perimeter of two figures

P.25Relationship between area and perimeter

P.27Use area and perimeter to determine cost

P.29Lines of symmetry

P.30Lines, line segments, and rays
  1. P.31Parallel, perpendicular, intersecting
  2.  reportP.32Calculate radius, diameter and circumference

  3. IXL Language Arts