Monday, November 16, 2015

Week of November 16

1. Finish your Geometry Monster. Don't forget your key!!

2. Make a "guess what shape I am" Like Mrs. Nutter showed us with you favorite geometric shape in real life. Check here if you need ideas for a shape or check your Shapes in the World Power Point. Use definitions here to make your Guess what I am Google Slide.

3. Watch this brainpop about triangles, try the review quiz first, then the classic quiz, email me your results at

Put whole picture on a slide
go to shapes, insert square
Fill with white
copy shape to add to next slide

Copy slide and cover up another piece and add another clue.

P.1Identify 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes
P.5Open and closed shapes and qualities of polygons
P.6Which 2-dimensional shape is being described?
P.8Classify quadrilaterals
P.9Number of sides in polygons
P.10Count and compare sides, edges, faces, and vertices
P.13Acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles
P.15Measure angles with a protractor
P.16Estimate angle measurements
P.18Parts of a circle

  1. IXL Language Arts