Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Week 1


  • Make sure your recipe has your name at the top of the page, like: Mrs. C's Crab Dip.
  • Read over it and make sure it makes sense and that you added good transition words and clue words that help the reader know what the next and last step was.
  • Check spelling, capitals, end punctuation.
  • Make sure it fits on one page and it looks like you want it to look, do not add color, the printer only prints in black and white.
  • Print your recipe and bring it to me.
2. Finish your recipe sort.

3. Click here to practice your word problem models. Choose either 1-50, or 1-300, whichever numbers you feel comfortable working with. When you are done click VIEW PROGRESS, then VIEW CERTIFICATE, print and give to me. If you are not at a place where you can print, take a screen shot (FN + square with lines at top) and rename it Thinking Blocks Addition and Subtraction.

4. Explore some Thanksgiving Links!!