Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 18

1. Andrew, Aniya and Jaleel, please do your City of Ember assignment and turn in to me.
2. Jaleel, Kaelynn and Ashna you took your spelling test last night, I re-set it so you need to do it again at school.
3. Drew do Newsela! Let me know when you are finished.
4. Drew, you have not turned in the work I gave you yesterday in the red Make Up folder
5. Camare, Daniel and Drew-finish no red ink.
5. Camare and Daniel, here is chapter 1

If your name is not above then:
1. Finish IXL Level F, d1, d2, d3
2. Do 1 Raz Kids for this week.

Once you are done with EVERYTHING above, you can have free time on November Links!