Monday, December 19, 2011


Every Week do this FIRST in order:

1. Take your multiplication quiz, don't forget to type your name in and click start. When you are done, print it out and hand it to me. Click here to start.

2. Blog your Mad Lib on Edmodo, look at my example!!
3. Can you solve a mystery?? Read this story and see if you can solve the mystery!! When you are done, go to Edmodo and turn in your answer.

When you get done with the above each week, THEN each of these one time:

2. Look at ALL of these links on Landforms.

3. Click on this link, then log into United Streaming and watch the video on Martin Luther King Jr. Then title a blog post Martin Luther King Jr. and write at least 3 sentences about what you learned. Then write one sentence about how you felt about his childhood and one sentence about how you felt about him as an adult.


This part is ONLY if you have done everything above, usually you will do this at the end of the month. AND, you can always do these from home!!

Brick Breaker
Create a Car
Make a Snowman
Make a Robot
January Links

Ask your parents if you want to start your own blog:

I use

Make a Movie