Friday, December 2, 2011


If you do not have a computer at home and have not finished your assignments from last week on Pearson and Spelling City , do those first. 

Every Week do this FIRST:
1. Blog about something you are interested in!! Have fun and here are some ideas: , re-read and correct before posting! Read posts from 3 of your classmates (it can be me too!!), make a nice, positive, acceptable for school comment  on each one that you read. It needs to be at least one complete,  correct sentence:)
2. Log into Spelling City, and do your first 2 activities.

Go to our Tennessee Aquarium Page and put a sticky note about your favorite part of the trip!

When you get done with the above each week, THEN do any of these but just once:

Change your profile picture if you want, directions are on the Social Science group in Edmodo.

 Listen to and read The Respectful Prince and the Dwarfs When you are finished, go to your blog, Type the title, and post the moral or lesson of this story.

Check out Mrs. Ripp's kid blogs
This part is ONLY if you have done everything above, usually you will do this at the end of the month. AND, you can always do these from home!!

Ask your parents if you want to start your own blog:
 I use

Make a Movie

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