Monday, October 19, 2015

Week of October 19th

My Cell Self Assessment

Brainpop on Vertebrates and Invertebrates, email to

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Add a new slide after your KWL on animal notes. Title it ANIMAL CELLS. Put a small picture of an animal cell on this slide, use this link  or this link to name the 5 main parts and tell why they are important AND the difference in animal and plant cells.

IXL Math Measurement

  N.1Measure using an inch ruler

N.3Compare and convert customary units of length

N.7Conversion tables - customary units

N.14Compare customary units by multiplying


P.24Compare area and perimeter of two figures

P.25Relationship between area and perimeter

P.27Use area and perimeter to determine cost

P.29Lines of symmetry

P.30Lines, line segments, and rays
  1. P.31Parallel, perpendicular, intersecting
  2.  reportP.32Calculate radius, diameter and circumference

  3. IXL Language Arts

!!! These people do not have their Monster Exchange story in the correct folder, please get someone to help you put it where it is supposed to be: Cam B., Christian, Matt, Anteriel, Daisy

These people have a lot to go and need to work on their monster writing at recess: Angel, Luis

1. Watch these Brainpop videos on animal cells take the review quiz on Brainpop Cells, take the review quiz AND the classic quiz for the Brainpop Cell Structure and email me your results (at least an 8 out of 10) to

Brainpop Cells
Brain Pop Cell Structure

2. Go to Google Classroom > Math Cyberkids and click on the "Facts We're Working On" Assignment. Make sure and read your directions.

3. Check your Monster Exchange and see if you have any comments and/or recommends.

4. If you highlighted that you knew ALL of your facts on the multiplication quiz above, skip down to number 5. If you highlighted the 2nd or 3rd sentence, practice your multiplication on one of the links below.

Practice factors and multiples and multiplication:
Practice a fact with a game
Factors Millionaire 
The Factor Game 
Watch Multiples Grow Type in a factor and watch multiples grow.
Multiples Skip Counting Choose number and skip count.
Multiplication 4 in a Row (the Product Game)
Zeros Trick Games
Find Factors
Find Factors and Prime Factors
Play Factors, Multiplies, Primes
Prime or Composite

5. Finished with everything? Do any of these below.

a. Scratch or Choose anything you want to learn about on Brainpop, then make a google slides about it. Show me when you are done. This is not something you have to do, Only if you are finished with everything else.

b. Check out our October Links!!!

c. Did you like Scratch? Try another coding site!! Use this link to join our class with your google account!

If this is your thing, you might want to consider being a software developer or computer programmer when you grow up!! ;) Here are some others!