Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week of August 24

1. Take your quiz on the 4's, make sure you type your name, click start, click finished when done, then print and bring it to me.

2. Log in to Google Classroom and add these classes:

ilytxv7, qrh5sy, and tirult8

Add a class by clicking the + button in the top right corner and typing each code above.

After you add one class, if you do not see the + sign, click on the pancakes on the top left and "go home", then you should see the + sign again. Make sure you have added all 3 classes. Math, Content and Reading.

3. Finish your I AM poem, print and bring to me.

4. Watch a video about sentence fragments here:

Learn more about sentence fragments here:
  1. C.1Is it a complete sentence or a fragment?
  2.  reportC.2Is it a complete sentence or a run-on?
  3.  reportC.3Is it a complete sentence, a fragment, or a run-on?

Now...Take a quiz on Sentence Fragments right click on the quiz, then click on PRINT, Get your test, write your name on it and bring it to me.

5. Finish watching these videos on staying safe on the internet. Send me the quizzes for each one.
Watch these videos on how to be safe and polite online! Take the classic quiz and email to me at

Digital Etiquette

Online Safety