Monday, April 27, 2015

Week of April 23

1. We are going to be doing a life project, before we start, you need to fill out this survey. You can view your answers here.

Extra Content:

Take Food Web Who Eats Who Classic quiz on brainpop, do not miss more than 2, and email to (Lauren, Drew, Haley and Kaelynn, I still need yours.

Read one of these animal books. When you are done watch the video. Then, very last, do the Show What You Know on a piece of paper with a heading. Number AND write the QUESTION AND ANSWER for each. Do not turn in until they are all right!!

Extra Math:

 IXL  T12, W1, W2, W4, U15

Whenever we have laptops open, you may have a tab open with one of the web cams from kindergarten's chicks:

Eason - 1 - B07 -

Miles - 2 - B04 -

Norton - 3 - B02 -

Finn - 4 - B06 -

Chapman - 5 - B09 -