Friday, January 9, 2015

Geometry Presentation

Geometry Scavenger Hunt

You are on a scavenger hunt looking for Geometry in the REAL world.. At the conclusion of your search, you will present your findings in the form of a power point presentation. You can get pictures from Google by searching things like “hexagon shape in the real world FOR KIDS”
  • Only one geometry object per slide.
  • Title your presentation with your name, geometry, and put it in your folder called Geometry
  •  Objects must be appropriately LABELED! (Title at the top)
  • Include the mathematical definition of each object on your slide.
  • Don’t forget a cover slide with a title for the whole presentation and your name. Once complete, you should have 16 slides.
  • Each image captured may be used only ONCE. For example, if use a picture of something that represents a square, you cannot use it again to represent a quadrilateral. You must find a second image. If you see something in our classroom that would work, you can take a picture using your laptop.
  • Both partners must participate in the hunt and presentation. This is a team effort!

What to Collect:
You must have 16 items from this list:
|| Circle
QuadrilateralParallel LinesIntersecting Lines
Equilateral TriangleParallelogramPolygon
Line SegmentVerticesRight Angle
Obtuse AngleAcute AngleRectangular Prism
PentagonHexagonHeptagon or Septagon

How Will You Be Graded?
|| Criteria
Fifteen objects from the list are captured60
Each object is accurately labeled10
Each object includes a mathematical definition10
Presentation includes a cover slide5
Presentation is organized in alphabetical order5
Presentation is free from spelling and grammatical errors10
Total Points/100