Friday, August 8, 2014

Our First Lab Lessons Post!

Hi Guys!!! This is where I will post directions when we come to the computer lab and sometimes when we are in class. This site is called LAB LESSONS and usually it will just be a list telling you what you need to do on the computer. For today, I just want you to explore some sites we will be using a lot this year. When we get back to the classroom, we will write the addresses of these sites in your HERO book,  behind the important papers tab, on the websites sheet. There are no usernames and passwords for these sites. So for now, just explore these sites. See if you can find our class schedule on one of these links, if you do, show a friend sitting next to you.

1. This is the address to the site you are on now:

2. This is where your homework will be posted, also if you go out of town, out of town homework is posted here too: 

3. This is a link to our class web site, check out the links on the left, the link that says FAVORITE LINKS, is one that we will use a lot.

4. Now spend some time just looking at the links above, don't spend time playing games yet, you can do that anytime at home, just get to know our lab lessons, homework blog, and class web site.

Keep doing this until I let you know that it is time to go at about 9:40.