Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14

1. You will be making a Power Point with the animal research that you are doing. Go ahead and start a new Power Point, title it the name of your animal and SHARE IT WITH ME. Choose your background and go ahead and get started. Here is a rubric for what your are expected to have in your project. Have fun and enjoy learning about your animal! Animal Power Point Rubric
here is your NOTES DOCUMENT if you want to make a copy of it and use it for your notes.

2. Email your trading card about Leslie or Jess to me. (See post below for directions and link)

3. If you get finished with both of the above, practice decimals.

Play these decimal games, you must get them all right before you go on!

1. Decimals-match tenths-play 2 rounds

2. Decimals - match hundredths-play 2 rounds

3. Compare decimals-play 3 rounds, choose you're level.

4. Compare more decimals-Play 2 rounds

5. Order decimals from smallest to largest, play 2 rounds.

6. What's the place value?-Play 2 rounds

7. Order again from smallest to largest, play until you get it correct on the first try.