Friday, October 4, 2013

October 7th

1. Let's see yow well you know your 9 tables. Put your name and number, print and bring to me when you're done.

2. Review what we learned about similes by watching this brainpop video, you will also learn about something called metaphors that are like similes. See if you can find out how metaphors are different than similes.

Play Super Similes

Play games 1-7

Now Play Fling the teacher and see if you can tell the difference in a Simile and a Metaphor, remember a Simile uses like or as to compare 2 things, and a metaphor compares 2 things without using like or as.

3. Once you are finished with everything above, you can play and learn on any of the electricity  sites below!!

Electricity and Circuits Game
Make a circuit Choose conductors
The Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits
Electricity Games
More Electricity Games
Electricity Videos
Online Videos on Electricity
Quiz on Electricity Vocabulary
Name It
Study Jams 1
Study Jams 2
Electricity Book Simple Circuits, predict if bulb will light, print
Electro City Build your city’s and see if you can control its growth, electricity needs and jobs!!