Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 23

1. Take this multiplication quiz, make sure to type your name and number, press start. When you are done, click finished, print your quiz and bring it to me.

2. Practice the 4 types of sentences, play this game.

3. In science we going to learning about electricity and magnets. Read the sites below to learn about how to be safe around electricity. In your science notebook, write 5 important safety rules everyone should follow. When you are done, you will type your 5 important safety rules here. Click here to see everyone else's rules!

Learn about electricity safety from the following websites:

4. In English we will be learning about subjects and predicates. Watch this video to learn about subjects and predicates of a sentence.

5. Only when you are done with everything above, play some safety games here:
Safety Games
Safety Games 2

And check out Sum Dog