Wednesday, March 20, 2013

April 1st

1st  Fast Math

2nd Take this division quiz, don't for get to put your name and press finish when you are done. Print and bring to me.

2nd Take your pretest on Spelling Unit 26, make sure you know what list you are on so you can write your words down when we get back to the room.

3rd Make Mixed Numbers. Get 10 right before you go on. Ask me if you need help.

4th Ask a question to Brock's Gap HERE.

4th  Do each of these decimal games in order:

Decimal tenths
Decimal Hundredths
Addition and Subtraction
Place Value
Compare Fractions and Decimals
Decimal Games
Decimal Squares Games

Only when you are done with EVERYTHING above: If you want to watch the baby hummingbirds, click here.
Learn more about hummingbirds in this National Geographic video

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