Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 8

1st Take your quiz on elevens and twelves, make sure you type your name and number. Bring them both to me.

2nd Go to BeFunky. Upload a picture of yourself from the p drive>constantine>constantine student folders>your folder number>2012 pictures. Get creative with your picture. Make sure we can't tell for sure that it is you. Save it in your my work folder.

3rd Log in to Fast Math

Lab Lessons on our Nooks:
Play a noun game, it is a 2 game player, but for now, just play both turns.
See if you can spell these plural nouns correctly
Plan a pronoun game.

Play all four of these multiplication games:

Baseball multiplication
Farm Freak Out
Diaper Derby
Granny Prix

Try these for fun:
Magic Pen
Tower of Hanoi