Monday, October 3, 2011


Take your multiplication quiz up to x12, remember to type your name and press start and print when you are done, bring your quiz to me.

Log in to Pearson Successnet and finish 5 activities

We have an account on Spelling City now!! Once you get to the site, click the "student" button in the top right corner. Then log in, you username is your S number in your agenda and your password is 123456! You should see "my assignments" click there and begin learning your words for this week.Click here to get started.

Go to Quizlet to play 2 games for words you have already learned. Play scatter and space race

If you did not reply to my comment on magnets on Edmodo, do that now.

Learn more about spiders, watch this video on how the jumping spider catches its prey!

Go to any link on the rest of this post that you have not done yet.

Go to Book Adventure, log in, take a quiz on The Mixed up Files, Click "show html quiz" SHOW me your score, then take a quiz on Flying Solo, show me your score.

Count Money!

Play 2 Electricity safety games: Find the hidden Dangers and Make the Safe Choice

Go to this link and watch the first two videos on electricityl

Read one article on National Geographic

See if you can beat the Multiplication 4 in a Row

Practice the multiplication table we are on this week: 9

Go on a lab hunt!!

Extra, make sure you have made 100% on your multiplication table for the week before you go here!!

Have fun building your wild self!
Make an Animated Movie!
Have fun on any of these October links!