Monday, April 4, 2011


1. Play the Gregor the Overlander Game, don't stop till you get to 10!!
1a. Now take this Gregor Quiz, show me your score!!
2. Finish your all about me power point and uploading your fotobabble to your blog.
3. Practice your multiplication facts
4. Play a contraction game.
5. Count #
6. Click here, then click "animal" on the left, choose a group of animals you like, then scroll down and choose a video to watch.
7. Go to and upload your all about me power point,
get the embed code
open your wiki page on another tab
sign in and embed your power point on your page under "all about me"
8. Listen to your wordly wise words
9. Follow my directions to download Tetrominoes Game
10. Play both of these Internet Safety Games
Through the Wild Web Woods
11. EarthDay Sites
12. Play Tetrominoes